About Us

25 years a shared passion.

The story starts in 1995

Matthew Lynton and Anthony Forrester decided to join forces to create a furniture and design showroom on the Gold Coast and now opening in Brisbane in James Street.

The complementary nature of their human and professional interaction has very quickly gained adherents through the demand for  quality and the customisation and attentiveness to detail and selection.

The firm very quickly increased in size and the showroom constantly drawing new clients .

Matthew as Interior designer acts as project designer , assembles the teams, recommends the choice of materials , selects suppliers and designs the clients brief.

Matthew is responsible for the whole of the interior decoration and  he suggests furniture, objects , accessories and fabrics.

Lynton & Forresters design teams work based on complete interaction, discussing adjusting and polishing until complete harmony  is achieved .

Anthony Forrester is responsible for the overall presentation of the showrooms, buying and designing each seasons ranges .

Anthony goes above  and beyond to help customers choose works of art ,  arranges their furniture , selects linen and even adds the finishing touches like candles and personal objects to complete the look .

Anthony creates outstanding interiors , which will stand the test of time .

From  one  project to the next Lynton & forrester stands out for the extremely personal creative choices made .

They find the right spot between expectations, stated by their clients and the anticipation of the clients most secret dreams .

Matthew and Anthony boldly mix styles and periods, colours and materials , based on many years experience and flawless historical knowledge .

The two professionals bring spontaneous inspiration to each new creation or purchase .

They aim to make your home into a successful and unique creation .


What our client says about us

Wonderful people, experienced and a gorgeous mix of home decor for any home. All class and style. Love shopping here.

Sharron Ross

It’s the perfect furniture store you want to be.

Danica Osorio